How Frequent Should Professional Carpet Cleaning Be?

If you’re quite finicky with the way your home is cleaned, then you might be scheduling carpet cleaning more frequently than you should. On the other hand, you certainly want to know when vacuuming is enough and when you should really call the experts.

Experts recommend that carpets are cleaned professionally once to twice a year. Doing so will prevent major soiling and would ensure that your carpet will last long. With regular carpet cleaning, the build-up of dirt, grime, and dust are significantly reduced.

Is Vacuuming Enough?

Needless to say, vacuuming is not enough. If you want your carpets to be deep cleaned, then it has to be handled by the professionals at least 12 months apart at the very least. Doing that will actually make your carpet last twice as long.

Deep cleaning rejuvenates the look of your carpet. It will leave it clean and fresh. Removing soil from the carpet will reduce possible wear and tear, which is the reason why it lasts for long. Did you know that a carpet can hide as up to a pound of dirt per every square yard? That’s the amount of dirt that professional carpet cleaners remove in every outing.

Carpets and Stains

Dirt has a lot of damaging effects to the carpet. So as stains. As a matter of fact, carpets tend to get more damaged by things that you can and can’t see. You can easily see stains on the carpet so you have to remove them as soon as possible. Use carpet cleaning kits to remove those stains but if all else fails, simply call for the experts in carpet stain removal Winston.

Dirt, on the other hand, is an entirely different case. You may vacuum some of the dirt on top of the carpet so that they won’t get into the inner layers. Once the dirt gets to that point, it’s very difficult to remove. Vacuum cleaners can no longer reach the deep part of the carpet. The dirt that gets way deep down is the one that hurt the carpet fibers the most.

For one thing, the dirt and grit tend to wear away the stain-resistance protection that carpet cleaners tend to put into the carpet’s fibers after deep cleaning them. Furthermore, dirt and grime also cut at the fibers of the carpet when somebody steps on them. This is the reason why in high-traffic areas of your home, the carpets look most worn and tattered.

Carpet Cleaning Is Necessary for Your health

The best way to clean a carpet is by using the hot water extraction method. This method is highly recommended by a lot of carpet cleaners and manufacturers. It’s a process that deep cleans the carpet and effectively removes dirt, grime, grit, and allergens from your carpet, thereby adding many years to its lifespan.

Do note that there isn’t any household vacuum cleaner available that can provide deep cleaning on your carpet. They can only do so much to collect the dirt from the top and somewhere in the middle but never really into the deepest layers. That’s when you need the professional carpet cleaners to help you out.